Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centre in Indian Head

Pine Lodge Treatment Centre would like to provide you with information about our program, so you know what to expect when entering our treatment centre. A comprehensive assessment is conducted within days of admission, as well as an initial treatment plan that highlights treatment goals. Generally treatment lasts 28 days, with occasional exceptions. Participation of the 12-step program is required of all patients in treatment.

Patients are expected to complete pre-established tasks, as well as individual tasks to aid those who require special assistance in specific areas of dysfunction. Awareness and understanding of the disease, its effect on oneself and others, and recovery needs are all provided through the completion of tasks, lectures and films attendance, and participation in the group process.

After the patient is discharged, we provide referrals to required services. Each patient who completes our treatment program is encouraged to return for follow-up visits, and contact is maintained through phone calls and emails. Contact the Pine Lodge Treatment Centre for further information regarding our treatment program.

Referral Information

To get a placement in Pine Lodge Treatment, a referral must be completed by a professional.  You can find the referral package here.


How to Prepare & What to Bring

Pine Lodge Treatment Centre wants you to realize this a good step you are taking, so keep an open and receptive mind. You must be free of all alcohol and drugs for 14 days prior to admission. If you are unable to do this, please call the Program Director at once for options. Be sure to let your family and friends know there is a seven day blackout on phone calls, messages and visitors. Check in is ONLY between 9:30 am and 10:30 am, unless other arrangements have been made with the Program Director. If you are traveling by bus, please let us know that day, so that we can pick you up.


What to Bring

  • Valid health card
  • Shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste & shaving supplies
  • Laundry soap and dryer sheets; Laundry is done once per week
  • Casual, comfortable clothing & indoor shoes
  • Jacket, sweater, hat, boots, mitts & anything to prepare you for the weather conditions
  • Plain 3-ring 2” binder and paper, pens, highlighters & the Big Book, if you have one
  • Enough tobacco for a week, as you will have the ability to purchase some in town
  • Glasses if prescribed
  • List of family names, addresses and phone numbers
    (Cellphones are NOT allowed in treatment)

Please do NOT Bring

  • Pillows, blankets/quilts or stuffed toys
  • Cellphones, cameras
  • Laptops, calculators, game players
  • Personal music players
  • T-shirts (or other items) with drug/alcohol/beer logos or offensive slogans
  • Low cut or very short or revealing clothing
  • Mouthwash or items containing alcohol
  • Gum, candies, chocolate bars or any other food items
  • Non-program reading material (novels, crossword books, journals, etc.)
  • Valuables which are not absolutely necessary (jewelry, etc.)

Family Program

Pine Lodge Treatment Centre offers a focused and productive family program. This program is open to family units affected by addiction. We offer education and support in the way of lectures, homework and their own treatment program. Individuals in the family program work directly in our groups, with the clients, giving them an accurate experience and insight into addiction and the corresponding behaviours. Our family program is not funded by the health region and we do not charge participants for the program. Donations are always gratefully accepted. Cost relating to lodging and food for the family week is the responsibility of the family members and all in attendance need to commit to five (5) full days with two (2) of those days having an evening session. For more information and to book family week please contact Pine Lodge Treatment Center.